Anonymous asked: DFL PLEASE!!! :) could you do one for her very famous starbucks outfit with the green topshop top? Or her famous white skirt airport outfit? Or maybe the one of her on a bench with a white crop top (twitter profile)? Thanks so so much, I look forward to seeing them!!!!! :)

I’m not doing dfl atm because they are quite time-consuming and I have other stuff to do but maybe I will do those sometime in the future :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Hello Emma! What should I wear on Blue Monday? We're gonna eat brunch at a cafe and "climb in trees" — it's called a climbing course or something, haha. The weather's gonna be warm and summery. I'm going shopping for the day on Saturday, so I'd really like some help!

Okay I don’t know what blue monday is haha but maybe you could wear shorts (denim or printed), a cute cami (like this one for example), converse or vans and then some accessories ofc. Or maybe a playsuit? :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow (yucky) what is an Eleanor inspired relaxed outfit I could wear? Thank you! (:

Depends on the weather but maybe jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and converse or vans :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Masterpost (or list below/link) to summer denim shorts inspireds?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 xx

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Anonymous asked: Hi Emma! I just got the moto denim short dugarees in light wash from topshop, how can I wear them casually for warm weather without looking like a farmer?

Aw hahah no you won’t look like a farmer, you can literally wear them with any top. Plain t-shirts, striped t-shirts, graphic tees, sleeveless shirt, crop top, lace top, camis, etc. The only thing I can think of that might look a little bit farmer like is a plaid shirt so maybe don’t wear that with your dungarees :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you know any similars to ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT Ariana knitted cotton-blend jacket? Xx

No sorry xx

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Anonymous asked: any ideas as to how you can make your own distressed jean shorts like the ones el owns?

Get some high waisted jeans and cut them and then you can use a grater and sandpaper to make rips and stuff. There’s loads of videos about it on youtube :) xx

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering if El would ever wear a black bodycon skirt (high waisted of course). And if so what would she wear it with casually? Thanks xx

You should look at these outfits, 1 2 3 4 :) xx

23 Apr  1

Anonymous asked: Thanks for the answer :) I haven't started searching because i really didn't know how to start but maybe i'm not that bad at searching so i'll find some of her clothes^^ whatever, thank you very much you helped me alot (:

Good luck!! Btw you could always talk to me off anon and I could maybe help you search for some stuff :) xx

22 Apr  2

Anonymous asked: how do you find the exact clothes eleanor is wearing? i'm thinking about making a blog about emma stone's style but i honestly don't know how i can find the exact clothes she's wearing x

I use google, shopstyle, polyvore and lyst sometimes but it really helps if you already know what brands the person likes. Good pictures are kinda necessary, you need to be able to see details on the item so you are 100% sure it’s exact. Then I just search for the item, for example “black dress” will give you millions of dresses but if you search “black lace skater dress” you will narrow down your search. But if you can’t find her clothes maybe a style blog isn’t the thing for you xx

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