Anonymous asked: I snorted when you said "yeah and her hair looks really damaged now" 😂

Haha sorry for being blunt 


28 Jul  1

Anonymous asked: Lol you don't like her hair ombré?

Not really haha I like it when it’s all just brown. When she was in Paris recently her hair looked really nice and healthy and soft, I mean just look at it and compare it to her hair in the new picture


28 Jul  4

Anonymous asked: Eleanor went ombré?

Yeah and her hair looks really damaged now xx

28 Jul  1

New Instagram picture by ammemma featuring a white vest top

Eleanor wore this Neil Barrett knit crop top, maybe this Topshop Boutique tank and maybe these Topshop jeans. She also wore these Urban Outfitters sunglasses. 


eleanorj92​: Thanks @bleachlondon @louteasdale for making my hair nice 😊💁

Anonymous asked: Could you please, please, PLEASE do at least one inspired outfit with the Forever 21 Perforated Slip-on Sneakers in black?

For what weather? xx

24 Jul  0


✿ fairy circle 


eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man 💑💕


24 Jul  328

Anonymous asked: could you please find some similar or inspired that young eleanor has worn/would wear? based on her style back then thankyou

The thing is tho that since those outfits are really old that type of style isn’t really like “trendy” anymore so it’s hard to find it online. But maybe you can send me a picture of a specific outfit you want and I can try xx

23 Jul  1

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you would be able to do an inspired for a red and black plaid cardigan and another inspired for using blue and black checkered tights, or if you cant that's cool :)

I’m sorry but I don’t think Eleanor would wear that xx

22 Jul  0