In France with Louis by ammemma featuring Topshop

Eleanor wore a coat similar to this, maybe these jeans and this beanie. She also wore these boots and carried this Mulberry bag.


Eleanor in London by ammemma featuring buckle handbags

Eleanor wore this jacket, these boots, probably these jeans and she carried this Mulberry bag.

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At the ITV studios, November 2013 by ammemma featuring Topshop
Eleanor might have been wearing this Burberry coat and Topshop beanie. She also wore these Topshop jeans, these Saint Laurent boots and carried her Mulberry bag. 

22 Aug  30

Anonymous asked: You should reblog and tag the old posts you edited to include the YSL combat boots because I don't think many people noticed and it's fantastic that you did!! :)

Oh yeah I can reblog those xx


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"Without sounding too soppy, I’m incredibly happy. The great thing about our relationship is I was already in the band when we started seeing each other. It makes things easier, because she knows the way it is. She’s great with it. She’s really easy-going with that sort of thing, which is so important." — Louis Tomlinson



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Eleanor + V Festival outfits

Eleanor + Sophia

Anonymous asked: I think el is starting to dress a little more like lou in my opinion

Yeah kinda a little bit :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Whyyy has Eleanor been wearing so much black this summer!? I'd be passing out if I was wearing leather jackets & all black clothing in the summer! I wish she'd incorporate some color in her wardrobe! I think Danielle B's style is rubbing off on her.

Because she wants to haha and I don’t think it’s fair when people complain that Eleanor is “copying” Danielle cause people have been copying Eleanor for like three years now. I mean some are sooo obsessed with having literally everything Eleanor inspired so why can’t Eleanor get some inspiration from Danielle. But I still think she has her own style and last summer she wore a lot of black too xx

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