Anonymous asked: I think it's so cute that el n louis kinda dress alike with their skaters😊skater boi

Yeah :) xx


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- My favorite outfits 


Eleanor arriving at the airport in Las Vegas, 21.09


Louis and Eleanor arriving at the airport in Las Vegas, 21.09

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It’s true that eleanor unfollowed danielle peazer on Instagram……. 😶

At the 1D concert in San Antonio by ammemma featuring a duffle bag

Eleanor wore a sold out The Kooples jacket, these Saint Laurent shoes and this Saint Laurent bag. It also kinda looks like she’s carrying another bag but the pictures are way too dark and blurry. 

Anonymous asked: how does eleanor afford such expensive clothes???

She’a professional burglar didn’t you know? No but honestly there’s millions of people in the world who wear expensive clothes so I will never understand why people freak out when Eleanor does. There’s a few possible reasons, her parents are well off, she has a job we don’t know about, she has a trust fund or something like that but this is a fact, her boyfriends is a millionaire and he likes to spend his money :) 


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eleanorj92: Vegas! ✨ @louist91 💙👟👟

In Las Vegas with Louis by ammemma featuring black low top sneakers

In her latest instagram picture Eleanor wore these ($595) Saint Laurent shoes. 

Anonymous asked: What is your least favorite outfit or thing el has wore ?

Um rn I can just think of blue topshop shorts, birkenstock sandals, jaws tank, topshop notion sandals, camel coat, joseph turtleneck sweater, kurt geiger wedges, topshop bomber jacket, nude aa crop top, fossil watch, brown bayswater bag and

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